Ophidian Wars

Should the balance be undone, Bonds shall be twisted, Choking the warmth and reason, From those who protect the three. —Spectral Elder, The Forces of Avagar Maya Tempra

Maya Tempra

Young and beautiful, talented and curious. Maya has been accused of treason by her brother and House Ruler, Crucef. The youngest of the royal house, she is powerless to counter her brother’s unfair ruling. She’s sentenced to be outcast to the open desert to fend for herself.

Her stories are lies! And her accusations are a direct attack against the House. She must be removed from Kilflame before she can do more harm.Trial Transcription, Crucef Tempra


Appearance Avagarsians are an attractive and advanced bipedal species. Accustomed to the high heat and desert atmosphere, they are generally tan skinned and dark or auburn haired. Fantastic foot-travelers across the dessert, they naturally have strong legs and high endurance. Common clothing consists mostly of light headdresses/wraps and simple skirts/pants. They often carry spears when traveling as their weapon of choice.

Background Avagarsians are the most civilized and sophisticated race and highly reputed travelers, traders, and warriors. While the Spectrals are an older species, the Avagarsians, are responsible for exploring and naming much of the continent, and the planet. They were the first species to establish a truly civilized population, building cities with a government and currency system.

Legend has it they were born in the hottest sands in a crater north of Kilflame. Nearby at the renowned Kilflame Temple, the Avagarsians pay respect to the desert and the ancient artifacts sourced from the crater.

Recent history marks a time of prosperity among the Avagarsians. They are the most widespread and powerful species. However, The Shift has created some fear that something less fortunate is on the horizon.

Location The Avagarsian species is centered in the desert city of Kilflame, but they have traveled far and are well-established across most of the western Pampali mainland. Both Tigbar and Port Greatneck are heavily populated by Avagarsians.

Game Artwork

About Ophidian Wars


What are you all about?
Small Cave Games is a small ‘indie’ team that believes there’s a giant need to create an adventure game built on a classic foundation, with innovative concepts and mechanics. We miss the older aventure games that relied heavily on exploration, discovery, and storytelling, rather than 8 button mega combos and tight spandex ninja babes. Look, I liked the ninja babes at first too, but really they’re all the same and are full of empty promises. Anyhow, we’re incoporating pieces of what made those classic adventure games so immersive, and adding some new twists.

Who is Small Cave Games?
The team consists of:

Carl Van Ostrand: Producer/Designer
Bryan Ecker: Lead Programmer
Craig Aoyama: Concept Art/Designer
Valri Viala: 3D Modeling/Animation
Robert Dowling: Animation/Rigging
Jeremy Lowther: HUD/Map/Inventory Artwork

Also thanks to Chris Hilldenbrand for the title screen art and game logo.

So What is Ophidian Wars?
Ophidian Wars: The Legend of Kilflame is a retro style, top-down, action/adventure RPG. It’s a video game that’s still under development. It will flaunt 3D graphics rendered in 2D.

I Don’t Get It!
Retro = a throwback to the older games, “vintage” if you will. Using similar design and concepts as some classic older video games we know and love. Top Down = the game perspective is from a bird’s eye view. Action/adventure RPG = a mess of game types that basically means it incorporates elements from each one.

Can I Play The Game?
Not yet. We’re still working on it.

So What’s This Website For?
This website serves as launching pad to game development, and subsequently a play-by-play of of the process. Not only that, but this site will be interlocked with the game itself, offering additional content and clues revealing game secrets.

That Sounds a Bit Strange.
Well that’s not even a question! But we’re doing things a little bit differently and experimentally. First we’re conceptualizing and designing the game world and structure (the cornerstone of any good RPG, in my opinion). We want to build a strong foundation.

At the moment we’re developing a ton of content and framework – and development is underway – although still early.

When Will the Game Be Released?
We’re aiming for Spring of 2010.

And Where?
First stop is Xbox Community Games.

Contact Us

Comments and questions are welcome. Please contact us using the form below.


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